The translation process can often be tedious as it requires extensive research and contextual knowledge. Fortunately, the digital revolution has led to the creation of online tools that translate or that transcribe audio to text easier. Below is a list of free translation services that we recommend.


Deepl uses machine learning to provide instant translations that are even more accurate than those provided by Google. But that is not all. DeepL also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to continuously learn and produce remarkably good results, even on long sentences, to the point where no human intervention is required. In most cases, the free service can handle a popular phrase. Although DeepLs’ language list is not as extensive as Google’s, it includes many of the most widely spoken languages, so you can freely translate between English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Polish. A major advantage over Google, especially for translators, is the ability to click on any word and view alternative translation suggestions. This means that you can just click on the word and replace it with something more appropriate if at any given time DeepL’s translation does not suit you. Available in browser edition and free software for Windows or Mac.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most famous translator systems. Most of us are familiar with Google Translate and its features. Although some features, such as automatic speech recognition, have improved over time, you will find some common translation errors in the application. The iOS application and the Android application are constantly evolving. The typescript translation function supports 103 languages, 52 of which continue to work even when the device is switched off. This is perfect for your off-grid travel plans! Users should aim their phone’s camera at a nearby sign or text. Word Lens then overlay the original image with AR text in the user’s preferred language.
Google translate also act as transcription tool. However, textfromtospeech is a better solution to transcribe audio to text.

3. Reverso

If you want to translate text from any website or app, you can use Reverso. Enter a word or phrase to find a large number of examples in context to help you better understand the differences between different translations. You can also access your favorite phrases, correct pronunciations and conjugators, just like on the website. Reverse also provides language learning basics such as review materials and pronunciation information for users to write with. Read and speak in the foreign language of your choice. In terms of translation, Reverso outperforms traditional dictionary searches. The system contains terms from the fields of finance, industry, technology and medicine. It even includes conjugations, idioms, and reverse translations. useful for professionals because it translates words and helps them pronounce them correctly and correctly.

4. Systran

Systran is one of the leading translation solutions that can be used on a wide variety of networks including the Internet, corporate servers, and individual workstations. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Systran has made technological advances in computer translation and natural language processing. has provided a variety of business solutions to companies in various industries and supported contacts in 130 different language combinations. Key benefits of transfers include better collaboration, instant translation, and support for online services. SytranTranslator converts documents, text, photos, web pages and precisely emails into a variety of languages. It helps users understand the same document in multiple languages ​​and enables them to communicate more effectively. The interface is so easy to use that you can use it anytime, anywhere. The style of the documents is retained. Automatically converts an entire file or folder so you can process large amounts of data at the same time.

5. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is free personal translation software that allows you to translate text, speech, conversation, camera images, and screenshots into more than 70 languages.  You can also download free languages ​​to use offline translation. Phone and PC apps, at work, on Bing, and a variety of partner apps and websites. This app is helpful for breaking down language barriers at home, at work and on the go. It is easy to use and integrate with a variety of other platforms, it quickly produces high quality results and breaks long sentences into manageable pieces.

6. Traducteur Babylon

Babylon offers an automatic translator to translate single words, full texts, sentences and more. Search literally millions of terms in Babylon Software’s database of 1,700+ dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri, encyclopedias and lexicons covering a wide range of topics in more than 77 languages. You can translate whole sentences, single words, find synonyms and antonyms, and translate from virtually any language to any language. You can translate and retrieve information by simply clicking on a document on your computer with the Babylon software.

7. gives a service that enables businesses to establish an international brand identification even as specializing in personalizing the purchaser experience. On its website, youll see a panel that appears nearly like Google Translators, in which you can do free translations with proper results. However, in contrast to Google Translator, you may use a number of services or plans, consisting of professional, technological or documentary translations that require accuracy and consistency.